Friday, February 25, 2005



What the?? Here's another local chart that Wintersleep are not on top off. Also, you can listen to Windom Earle on Radio Free Polygon and hear Joel Wright of the Honky Blues After Dark say "I first off want to disassociate myself with that horrible song" during the change over...just to launch into a new "whistling" theme song. Download the interview here.

CKDU CHART - February 21, 2005

*************** TOP 30 ***************

01--Windom Earle All Stars--A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies--Indie--CC*
02--Death By Nostalgia--Death By Nostalgia--Indie--CC*
03--GangBang--Ninjas With Attitude--Indie--CC
05--Dean Malenkos--The Album That Turns Girls Into Sluts--Indie--CC*
06--Antony and the Johnsons--I Am a Bird Now--Secretly Canadian
07--Spaghetti Western--Do Right By People--BMI
08--Eekwol--Apprentice to the Mystery--Indie--CC
09--Dandi Wind--Bait the Traps--BongoBeat--CC
10--Air Traffic Control--Air Traffic Control--Indie--CC*
11--Gilbert Switzer--Don't Stop The Film--Indie--CC*
12--B.A. Johnston--My Heart Is a Blinking Nintendo--Just Friends--CC*
13--LCD Soundsystem--LCD Soundsystem--EMI
14--Museum Pieces--Philadelphia--Indie--CC*
15--Alpha Flight--Battle Royale--Indie--CC*
16--Elevator--August--Sonic Unyon--CC
17--Black Mountain--Black Mountain--Scratch--CC
18--Final Fantasy--Has a Good Home--Block Block Block--CC
19--Destroyer--Notorious Lightning and Other Works--Merge--CC
20--Carlos Del Junco--Blues Mongrel--Northern Blues
21--McEnroe and Pip Skid--Disenfranchised 2 and Funny Farm 2--Peanuts and Corn--CC
22--M. Ward--Transistor Radio--Merge
23--Super Furry Animals--Songbook--XL
24--Yuppie Pricks--Brokers Banquet--Alternative Tentacles
25--The Information--Mistakes We Knew We Were Making--Primary Voltage
26--Coachwhips--Peanut Butter and Jelly..--Narnack
27--Middle Age Wasteland--Children of Celebrities--Indie
28--Atmosphere--Seven Headshots--Rhymesayers
29--Pony Up--Pony Up--Dimmak
30--Brazilian Girls--Brazilian Girls--Verve

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