Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Halifax Locals

What do you get when you take one deep fry cook, four bands, six pairs of pants and one shared passion for seafood? If you're lucky, you'll get The Rolling Chowder Travelling Revue featuring BA Johnston, Windom Earle, The Intesteens, Away Ri'o and a huge assortment of other bands sailing across the Maritimes this summer in search of buried treasure and great discounts on seafood.

Frank W. Peterson
President of the Rolling Chowder Chain of Family Restaurants

The Rolling Chowder Travelling Revue

1) any of various usually burrowing marine and freshwater bivalve mollusks of the class Pelecypoda, including members of the genera Venus and Mya, many of which are edible.
2) a thick soup containing fish or shellfish, especially clams, and vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, in a milk or tomato base.
3) remarkably full-featured and sturdy wheel that brings a lot to the driving experience.

In unrelated news, The Lost Tape of Dan Norman Cummings has been unearthed and digitized.

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