Monday, July 18, 2005



"Developers are aiming at more than the bottom line, however, as Washington state-based Brethren Entertainment Software makes clear in its mission statement.

"As believers in Christ, we pray that God will be glorified through our work and that each of us draw nearer to him as we develop and grow as a business," the company says.

"We also pray for God's unyielding protection for our company, as well as others who are involved in his perfect plan for the world."

The sentiments of Christian developers will also strike a chord with the many family groups concerned about the effects of violent games on children.

"No blood, no guts, no gore," says Rev Bagley. "What we want are emotionally full games that don't just rely on adreneline.

"We are trying to build the genre of Christian gaming. People are tired of having these violent, demonic games dictating to their kids." (from The BBC)

I am sure I can help them out with some potential games for the AlterBoy DS, Christ Box, PriestStation 2 and CrucifictionCube.

* Halo 2 (the round, floaty kind though)
* Need for Sobriety II
* (Abortion Doctor) Killer 7
* Tom Clancy's Holy Ghost Recon 3
* The Sins 2
* Resident Evil-doers
* Super Jesus Brothers
* Leper (based on Frogger, but much messier)
* Thou Shalf Not Commit Grand Theft Anything
* Harry Potter and the Eroding Soul
* Tomb Raiser
* Rachet & Cross
* Street Preacher
* Mortal Communion
* Cardinal Law
* Angels vs. Gaylords
* Sonic the White Dove of Peace
* Tony Hawk's Pro Genuflecter 4
* Pokemon: Mother Theresa Version
* BALTHASAR! Patron Saint of Playing Card Manufacturers

This is the best thing I've read since learning the Saskatchewan Piledriver.
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