Saturday, August 16, 2003



Sure Thing: Dimitri from Paris (Sunday at Velvet Olive)

The All Music Guide calls the sounds of Dimitri from Paris "ironic lounge, spiked with shots of electronic house." Rolling Stone said he "creates a universe that is as goofily coherent as it is infectious." Radio France Internationale describes it as "eclectic fusion of house beats and smooth French easy-listening sounds." Pitchfork Media said he "does kitsch better than most," but then went and confused him with DJ Dmitry from the one-hit wonders Deee-Lite. Identity crisis aside, this Turkish DJ honed his craft on the radio in France by pairing trendy beats with French singers like Julien Clerc, Etienne Daho and Richard Gotainer. Dimitri also crafted luscious soundtracks to fashion shows on the runways of Paris. His debut record, Sacre Bleu, was released in 1996 (1998 in North America) and crowned album of the year by MixMag. As a re-mixer, he was reworked tracks by Pizzicato Five, New Order and Bjsrk. With one foot in the boudoir and the one hand on the mixer, his latest achievements include a pair of Hefner-approved mix compilations entitled A Night at the Playboy Mansion in 2000 (part of the Respect is Burning series on Astralwerks) and the double CD After the Playboy Mansion, released last year. Anyway you spin it, the swinging sounds and snappy style of this acclaimed international playboy will be hitting Halifax's Velvet Olive this weekend. Expect to hear DFP's fresh French twist on dance music with a high probability of grooving and ample chances to chill. �Iain K. MacLeod (The Coast | Volume 11 Number 11)

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