Sunday, October 31, 2004

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wintersleep - "sore" (29MB Quicktime Movie) Made by Ghostmilk Studios (Modest Mouse/Broken Social Scene/Death From Above 1979). They also did a video for Boozehounds II by DJ Moves & Tachichi. Once again, this post has been inspired by the messageboard.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Post (Halifax Locals)

Julie Doiron: Goodnight Nobody: Goodnight Nobody-- the fifth Jagjaguwar effort for the all-folk, no-freak former Eric's Trip member-- continues Doiron's fascination with plainspoken lyrics but dresses them up with heartier arrangements. (courtesy of Pitchfork)

Performer in induced coma, on ventilator
Police ask for public's help
By DAN ARSENAULT / Crime Reporter (The Halifax Herald Limited)

Buck 65 Hates Hip-Hop?
Sage Francis on Buck 65's Comments
Buck 65 Apologizes


Costume Ideas: Star Wars - Celebrities - Billionaires

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Post (Halifax Locals)

CBC Radio 3 -> Appetite For Reconstruction: Growing Up With The Super Friendz
By: Tara Lee Wittchen / Photos by Ryan Whynott

The link doesn't work if you have pop-up blockers engaged...which you, er, just find the story, pics and concert yourself using the table of contents.

Ninja Tune News: Sixtoo 'Body Ache Summer' 10"

Sixtoo, sometime anticon affiliate, full time Montreal resident, part time rapper and all the time producer, returns with an EP packed with new music. Kicking off with the brand new 9 minute/3 part epic which gives the record its title, 'Body Ache Summer' and features a smoking Harpsichord solo. How many hip-hop producers are pulling out Harpsichord solos these days? 'Bricklayers Union' is another new track and card-carrying anticon affiliate Alias delivers a great remix of 'Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks', it's all about continuing on the psyche rock/hip-hop angle of his album, 'Chewing On Glass And Other Miracle Cures'. Released 19th October.


Metallica Some Kind of Monster (Oct 25th)

Acclaimed documentary filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky (Brother's Keeper, Paradise Lost) provide a fascinating portrait of the most successful heavy metal band of all time, as they face personal and professional challenges while recording their first studio album of original songs in over five years. In the tradition of Don't Look Back and Gimme Shelter, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster transcends the conventions of the "rock and roll movie" genre, trading rock star posing for truthful introspection.

METALLICA: Some Kind of Monster screens Monday Oct.25th 7PM, Empire Park Lane Cinemas. Tickets go on sale at 6PM. $9 / $7 members.

MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES is a presentation of The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative in association with the Film Circuit and Empire Theatres. With generous support from The Coast and 97.5 CKDU FM.

For further information 420-4480 or

This previously played at Bayers Lake and was actually worth the 1.5 hour bus ride (and I am not even what you would call a "fan"). Here is the Rotten Tomatoes listing if you are looking for what the critics said.

Matt Mays has been nominated for a CASBY for NXNE Favourite Band. The other Nominees are: Alexisonfire, C'mon, Death From Above 1979, Despistado and The Illuminati. You can vote up until Friday, November 5 but you have to register with The Edge (not sure how much of your soul gets sold with each login but at least it's not the Junos).

Sunday, October 17, 2004

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A Day of Wrest


From the old inbox:

Date: October 17, 2004 12:51:47 AM ADT
Subject: More False Documents

RatherGate proved that bloggers are the best fact checkers. That is
why we are writing to a few bloggers asking for help.

Yes Bush Can has collected several documents that are clearly suspect.
But we need your help to prove they are fake:

Let's spring to action before these documents needlessly tarnish the
reputation of our Commander and Chief. You know the drill: analyze the
handwriting, search for factual errors, and post your discoveries.

And keep us posted by sending email to

Thanks in advance for your help.


Looks real enough, but is the brilliant work of: The Yes Men (movie).

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Team America

"At a time when the world is in crisis and the country faces an important election, the response of Parker, Stone and company is to sneer at both sides -- indeed, at anyone who takes the current world situation seriously." - Roger Ebert

"Clever comedians that they are, they have also rigged "Team America" with an ingenious anti-critic device, which I find myself unable to defuse. Much as it may pretend otherwise, the movie has an argument, but if you try to argue back, the joke's on you." - A.O. Scott

Friday, October 15, 2004


Noam Chomsky was in Antigonish on the 13th??? I am going to go back under my rock now.

The Fake News

Transcript of Jon Stewart on Crossfire |

An excerpt:

CARLSON: Let me ask you a question on the news.

STEWART: Now, this is theater. It's obvious. How old are you?

CARLSON: Thirty-five. STEWART: And you wear a bow tie.


CARLSON: I do think you're more fun on your show. Just my opinion.

CARLSON: OK, up next, Jon Stewart goes one on one with his fans...

STEWART: You know what's interesting, though? You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show.

Download the clip while you can or stream it here.

Post (Halifax Locals)

The Halifax Pop Explosion site has been updated and includes a schedule. Here are some MP3's of artists that will be coming to town that you may or may not have heard before...if you have more, send the links my way and I will post them:

The Arcade Fire: "Wake Up" (Merge)
The Hidden Cameras: "I Believe in the Good of Life" (Rough Trade)
Wrens: "Eveyone Chooses Sides" (Absolutely Kosher)

New videos for Brian Borcherdt and Jill Barber (yeah, so what if I get all my news from the message board now...who the f*ck reads the core page anyway???).

Sean went to great pains (groan) to make a kick-ass site for Great Plains. They are also looking for a drummer if you have the skills to pay your bills.

Finding Your Spirit

Now for some rare commentary: I pray to [insert ficticious deity here] that someone is going to be wearing one one of these t-shirts to the three day narrow-mind-a-thon this weekend. I am kicking my own ass right now as I type this that I did not think ahead enough to come up with some hell-rasising Jesus-jamming opportunities for this free* event . Note: Jesus if you are reading my blog, I would like to apologize right now for living in sin, supporting a woman's right to choose, tolerating gay friends, not being saved by the movie "Saved," owning several David Cross CDs, not investing in this, laughing at President Bush who is somehow related to you (and perhaps even "differently challenged") and for generally not being able to subscribe to systemic code of moral conduct that was written by a bunch of dead guys who appear to be pretty good at quoting people years after the fact without the use of a tape recorder or a stenographer.)

* payment = one lilly white soul


Bored? Looking for someting to do and yearning for a free portable music player? Just enter the Pepsi iPod contest every hour for the next 1715 hours (The trick is to click on the "No Purchase Necessary Details" button).

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The Tyranny of Email | Critical Section

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