Monday, May 30, 2005


Atlantic News Perspective #143 (May 30, 2005)
Vandalizing Summerside, poking around in Sydney and rethinking Point Pleasant Park.
By: Iain K. MacLeod

Saturday, May 14, 2005


"Twin Cinema" by The New Pornographers (courtesy of Matador Records)

Free Advertising

From Matador Records: Finally, we'd like to offer a shout-out (ie. "fuck you") to the cowards and thought-cops at the Ad Dept at Paste Magazine who have deemed our proposed advertisement for 'Face The Truth' to be beyond the bounds of "good taste." God forbid that anything might challenge the sensibilities of Paste's Yep Roc-loving, Starbucks-guzzling, Wes Anderson-worshipping readership. Seriously, if there's anything we or SM have done that is a poor fit with Paste's Ad Dept's narrow worldview, that is the highest compliment we've been paid since the last time Spin refused to run one of our ads.


Allergic reaction ends rapping marathon | CBC Arts

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Atlantic News Perspective #140 (May 9, 2005)
Bizarre boarder crossing, re-resurfacing the bridge and Big Brother in St. John's.
By: Iain K. MacLeod

Monday, May 09, 2005


"I myself have helped hundreds of people get off drugs. In Scientology, we have the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world. It's called Narconon...It's a statistically proven fact that there is only one successful drug rehabilitation program in the world. Period, " Tom Cruise (SPIEGEL Interview )


What? Windom Earle + Spincycle^2
When? Wed, May 11 @ 10 PM
Where? Reflections Cabaret
How much? $3 (Ladies Free)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fake News News

Daily Show's Colbert gets own Comedy Central show | CBC Arts


"U.S. customs officials said he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and was carrying a chain saw, a hatchet, a sword, an assortment of knives and a can of pepper spray. Border officials confiscated the arsenal, then let Despres continue on his way." (RCMP lay charges against New Brunswick man in grisly double murder |