Tuesday, August 05, 2003



"The record was designed so that if someone were to walk in the room and heard it playing at ANY volume they should ask you �what the hell are you listening to?��and then walk out. Ween doesn�t necessarily think that this will be the record that breaks them through at radio. Actually they could care less anymore---instead they plan on raping their core audience of fans who will buy just about anything they release. This includes 4 cd live albums that were recorded on cassettes. If that plan were to fail, Ween instead plan on trying to steal fans from the burgeoning �jam-band� scene, where they are becoming increasingly popular. So far people have been fooled, but no one�s sure how much longer it will last, because historically, Ween have managed to alienate themselves from just about everyone including their most die-hard fans at one time or another." - Sanctuary Records Group
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