Tuesday, November 25, 2003



Ween to release limited edition All Request Live CD containing "songs that we have never performed before or since" this x-mas.

Update: Here is the track listing:

1) Happy Colored Marbles
2) The Stallion Part 1
3) The Stallion Part 2
4) The Stallion Part 3
5) The Stallion Part 4
6) The Stallion Part 5
7) Demon Sweat
8) Cover it with Gas and Set it on Fire
9) Awesome Sound
10) Cold Blows the Wind
11) Pollo Asado
12) Reggaejunkiejew
13) Tried and True
14) Mononucleosis
15) Stay Forever
16) Where'd the Cheese Go?
bonus track: webcam footage of "Stallion Part 3" in mpeg format

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