Sunday, August 22, 2004



E-mail: 49¢ songs. Welcome to freedom of choice.

*One Click Later*

Website: We're sorry. This service is currently not available for Mac., I am supposed to think that Apple is somehow being unfair because they want people to use their own store to supply proprietary, legal music to the iPod (their product and current holder of the greatest market share)? People don't seem to realize there is already a choice because you can also import MP3's, WAV and AIFF files, Apple Lossless files, unprotected WMA files and any CDs you have access to into an iPod. You can use services like EMusic that currently sell unprotected MP3s. So, how is Real Networks the great defender of the consumer and champion of the open source movement? There site won't even work on a Mac.

I phoned ed.
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