Friday, October 15, 2004


Finding Your Spirit

Now for some rare commentary: I pray to [insert ficticious deity here] that someone is going to be wearing one one of these t-shirts to the three day narrow-mind-a-thon this weekend. I am kicking my own ass right now as I type this that I did not think ahead enough to come up with some hell-rasising Jesus-jamming opportunities for this free* event . Note: Jesus if you are reading my blog, I would like to apologize right now for living in sin, supporting a woman's right to choose, tolerating gay friends, not being saved by the movie "Saved," owning several David Cross CDs, not investing in this, laughing at President Bush who is somehow related to you (and perhaps even "differently challenged") and for generally not being able to subscribe to systemic code of moral conduct that was written by a bunch of dead guys who appear to be pretty good at quoting people years after the fact without the use of a tape recorder or a stenographer.)

* payment = one lilly white soul

Are you up on Jesus?
I am up with people.
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