Friday, October 15, 2004


Post (Halifax Locals)

The Halifax Pop Explosion site has been updated and includes a schedule. Here are some MP3's of artists that will be coming to town that you may or may not have heard before...if you have more, send the links my way and I will post them:

The Arcade Fire: "Wake Up" (Merge)
The Hidden Cameras: "I Believe in the Good of Life" (Rough Trade)
Wrens: "Eveyone Chooses Sides" (Absolutely Kosher)

New videos for Brian Borcherdt and Jill Barber (yeah, so what if I get all my news from the message board now...who the f*ck reads the core page anyway???).

Sean went to great pains (groan) to make a kick-ass site for Great Plains. They are also looking for a drummer if you have the skills to pay your bills.

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