Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Stupid Baby Names

Some may see this as a new low, but I can't help it if parents are stupid enough to label there kids with such silly handles...and publish it in a newspaper. It's not like I am making fun of how stupid many of them look. That would be cruel.

Here are some dandy ones:
* Cash Bartholomew Bertolo
* Maximilian Logan Butler
* Connor John Joseph Cool
* Ayla Laurine Pearl Hogg-Chasbassol
* Logan William Kenneth Leigh Stewart

I also noticed a pattern of frigging up the spelling (I am one to talk) of normal names like these: Emyleigh, Emilee, Rebekah, Rebekkah, Sydnee, and Madyson. Also, the mash-up is popular, like Rylan, and I also gave bonus points to someone for naming their child Autumn Pilgrim.

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