Thursday, July 14, 2005


Nerd Alert

I called the Paper Garden in Barrington Place a couple weeks ago looking for a Fisher Space Pen and they said "oh yeah, we carry those but we are sold out right now." I said, "OK" and then hear *click*. Nice. Why is it so hard to give money to some companies? Anyway, I started to look elsewhere and couldn't find any evidence of the pen around town and began to think that the US Amazon store was my best bet. Then, carrying an armload of crap through Staples, I saw they had just started stocking them in the pen section out of the corner of my eye. Only available in silver, but I was able to get over my current pen fixation (sparked by this somewhat illogical testimonial: "The Space Pen writes upside down, underwater, and—yes I’ve tested it— through a pat of rich, creamery butter.") and can safely move onto some other empty, meaningless obsession. Note: Even though Primer sums up the ridiculous nature of such an object, I still love it.
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