Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Post (Halifax Locals)

Warning: This post contains no pictures.

* 'Sloan' to join CBC as satellite radio DJs

* The Canadian Podcasting Tour - Halifax: November 23 (7:30 p.m.)

* Ninjatune update:

S&N 'Homages' Double 7" EP
Sixtoo (1200hobos/Sebutones/etc.) and Norsola Johnson (Godspeed/Mollases/etc.) are S&N. No need for some witty snapping sales pitch here. Shit is hot. 4 sides of heat...with Sixtoo on live and not live drums and electronics. Norsola plays the cello, bass and other assorted instruments. Yes!

Sixtoo 'Duration' CD/DVD Re-issue!
Originally produced on Dollar Store VHS copies, we decided it deserved an actual DVD release, a full step up from the original 50 dollar store tapes that it was home-duped on! Say word. Also included on the bonus DVD is a full gallery section, a description of the project, and a high res gallery of other Sixtoo related goodness. There is also a CD of the instrumental hiphop classic Duration album.

* Buy Nothing Day is Friday Nov 25

There will be a street party and musical march meeting at Grand Parade Square at 5:30pm, and leaving at 6:00pm.Bring noisemakers, merriment, and fun to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. If you can't make the celebrations, then tune in to CKDU 97.5 from 6-7pm for live updates.

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