Thursday, December 15, 2005


Award Winning

It's official. Holly Dazed won first prize in AFCOOP's Super 8 Holiday Party and Screening at the Seahorse tonight! More importantly, it was magically in focus. There was tough competition from filmmakers Megan Wennberg ("Tis The Season"), Cam Erais ("A Shitty Christmas"), Jamieson ("Agoraphobia"), Joel MacGregor ("Fortune Cookie"), Steven James May ("Memoria"), Josh Edmonds ("How To Make a Halfassed Super 8 Christmas Film") and Ron McDougall ("Duet"), but we pulled ahead of the pack and got to take home an autographed copy of Mr. December from the AFCOOP nudie calendar. Plus, we didn't even stack the audience. Now, to find the best (cheapest?) way to get the film onto DVD for future generations.

Update: Scott taped the screening on video last night and added the chipmunk effect. Holly Dazed is now available in QuickTime format. Here is a bit of publicity from The Coast.

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