Friday, November 12, 2004


Post (Halifax Locals)

From the Anti-Hit List 6. CAMOUFLAGE NIGHTS, "Skies Are Foggy":
"It's not easy being sleazy / I get so wheezy / When those evil urges seize me..." Led by former Thrush Hermit/ Dears guitarist Rob Benvie and Thrush Hermit bassist Ian McGettigan, this woozy amalgam of rock, hip-hop and the kitchen sink is dying to be adopted as the official anthem of the stubbornly dissolute. (From The Summer of 2004,

From Pitchfork's Free (but paid for) downloads: MP3: The Burdocks: "Pop Cult"
Whatever happened to the East Coast of Canada? Years after the hype has died down the current generation of Maritime rock bands is a little older, a little wiser and ready to reignite the regions once vaunted lo-fi torch. Leading the charge is the Halifax band, the Burdocks. Retaining the wry pop ideals of their forbearers, these do-it-yourself stalwarts quickly established themselves as fan favourites across the country through their loud, raucous, chaotic shows and various recorded gems, released on Out of Touch Records. Through three releases (Lips and Assholes E.P, I Have a Million Friends L.P, Airplane Tracks E.P), the band has developed their distinctive ‘scrap rock’ sound, wherein different song fragments and styles are expertly sewn together to create a unique sound that is at once choppy and abrasive yet somehow cohesive and poppy. Co-songwriters Christian Simmons and Seth Smith craft the band’s dynamic, intricate rock songs, melding classic pop structures with progressive sophistication and indie-rock sincerity to produce songs that buck the current trend of inflexible genre adherence while still maintaining a distinct, instantly recognizable character. The band is just about to enter the House of Miracles to record their second full length, which should be out in the new year. []

By Sean Flinn, photos by Ryan Whynott
C B C R A D I O 3

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